Friday, 30 November 2007

Heron - Twice As Nice & Half The Price 1971

1971, UK-DAWN DNLS3025

Even though their first self titled album failed to sell, Dawn decided to record another album with Heron. This second album from 1972 was originally released as a double album at the price of one; hence the title. Like the debut it was again recorded outdoors, this time outside a Devon country cottage, which gives the album an unique atmosphere. Original release came with a postcard.

Michael Cooper - Vocals
G.L. Moore - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Roy Apps - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Bill Boazman - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Finesilver - Bass
Steve Jones - Keyboards
Tony Pook - Percussion, Vocals
Mike Cooper - Guitar
Terry Gittins - Drums

1. Madman
2. Take Me Back Home
3. Love 13 (Lone)
4. Something Inside
5. Miss Kiss
6. John Brown
7. Big A
8. Winter Harlequin
9. Sound Of The Music
10. Your Love & Mine
11. You Really Got A Hold On Me
12. Great Dust Storm
13. My Turn To Cry
14. This Old Heart Of Mine
15. Minstrel & A King
16. Getting 'Em Down
17. I Wouldn't Mind
18. He's A Poor Boy
19. Devil
20. Wanderer
21. Harlequin


Anonymous said...

saw these guys back in the early eighties reunion gig brilliant
great post
any chance of a re up


mpuddleduck said...

The guy holding the little girl on the back cover is the producer of the album, Peter Eden who is a really nice bloke and a friend of mine.

Miss Banfield said...

please, anyone have the lyrics?
we are from argentina

Jeff Archer said...

The link for part 1 is dead. Could it be re upped pretty please?

Jeff Archer said...

Sorry I meant the link to part 2 is dead.

ratso said...

Thanks for posting this - I used to see it often, but have never listened. Both links work fine.

Anonymous said...

The tracklisting on the second set of of download links is completely wrong! Apart from the first four tracks the uploader has put the wrong titles and trck numbers to the wrong songs...

TheBBoyBlue said...

There's a spelling mistake in the track listing. 'G.L. Moore' should be 'G.T. Moore'(Gerald Thomas Moore).

hilke said...

really curious to find out more about those guys which I
missed completely
first time around...

Anonymous said...

Heron just started an official fanpage on facebook: